Product Pro is your proactive dealer, taking an innovative approach to product distribution across Canada. As a reputable technology and industrial product distributer for several years, we have successfully provided top quality service and products to several manufacturers, engineers, developers, contractors, trades personnel, industrial sectors and retailers. Recent developments have allowed us to consistently expand our product line serving more businesses more effectively. Product Pro is a budget conscience company and sensitive to the demands of business operations. We offer a free complementary service operating as your purchasing assistant. Simply tell us what your company needs, and we work to cut your costs.


We seek the highest quality goods through product research, analysis and market assessment, and use our resources to comparatively analyze the overall technical value. The credibility of a product must meet our high standards before we make recommendations to our clients. Identified as a valuable asset to industries across Canada, Product Pro is renowned for its careful selection of product lines that exceed client expectations. Our mission is to obtain distributorship of superior products that meet our clients’ economical demands. We make it our business to save your business money.